Athletic Performance Testing

Conducted in the “lab” with Coach Dave Latourette, our performance testing is set up to establish a cyclists or runners “Functional Threshold” power and/or heart rate. “Functional Threshold” is the AVG HR or power, in WATTS, that an athlete can sustain for approximately a 50min to 1 hour time trial.


Cycling Test with Blood Lactate Draw: $200

Our test is a steady state progression or “ramp test” performed on a medical grade calibrated Compu-Trainer and has been shown to accurately predict an athlete’s functional threshold. Through the test results and discussion you will walk away with a more precise knowledge of how to train more appropriately with HR and / or power zones or levels. Athletes should plan for a MINIMUM of 90 minutes to complete the test and consultation.

Blood lactate samplings are taken for even more precise and useful results.  Includes cycling test, post test consult (full breakdown of your results), setup of heart rate or power zones.


Athletes With Coaches: $150

If you are an athlete who currently works with a coach we would be happy to send test results to your personal coach.  Includes test & data only, no consult.


Follow Up Performance Testing: $100


Sweat Rate Testing:

Conducted in our “lab”, this cycling test is in-valuable for athletes who choose to understand their fluid and hydration needs for specific endurance events. Because these events are different, each test is different and varied based on the distance and intensity the athlete’s key race.  Rates based on test duration, please contact Dave for pricing:



Please contact Dave with any questions regarding this process:


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